Product introduction

Cold plunge, otherwise known as cold water immersion, is literally when you immerse yourself in extremely cold water. Some athletes do this with the intention of improving their recovery after a hard workout.cold plunge benefits include relieving muscle soreness, aiding with recovery after workouts, reducing inflammation and boosting immunity. 

Drop stitch fabric construction is what allows an inflatable tub to maintain it's shape when it is inflated to high pressure.
Without drop-stitch,the tub would bulge out in the middle like an over-inflated air ring for swimming. Using thousands of tough polyester threads,drop stitch fabric make the surface of inflatable product flat and tough. our drop stitch fabric tub are made from the high quality drop-stitch materials in the industry. Sidewalls use two PVC layers specifically manufactured for superior air holding.



cold plunge tub

Ice bath tub

Product parameters

Product NameIce bath barrel
MaterialPVC drop stitch fabric
Standard accessoriesHand air pump, Repair kit, Backpack

User Evaluation

  • Taylor

    I love this cold tub. It's easy to inflate. The quality is very good


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