Product introduction

Ice baths cold tub, also known as cold plunges, have been found to be the best way to positively impact mental health by promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and improving mood. The convenience of inflatable ice bath tubs allows for easy access to these benefits wherever you are.

Drop-stitch, or double wall fabric, consists of two independently wovenlayers connected by thousands of linking threads. It's unique structure facilitates the construction of inflatables with flat surfaces which can be inflated to rock-hard rigidity.

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Product parameters

Reduce inflammation after intense workout.

After an intense training session it's important to give our bodies an opportunity to recuperate. Ice bath submersion improves recovery from exercise-induced muscle injury and helps to repair damage associated with intense physical training.

Recover faster.

Reach beyond your limits by cold conditioning your body to recover faster.Doing ice baths over time helps your body transform from the inside-out. Cold is your friend and breathing is the key. Used together, they can radically improve your life.

Product NamePortable Ice Bath
MaterialPVC drop stitch fabric
Standard accessoriesHand air pump, Repair kit, Backpack

User Evaluation

  • Taylor

    I love this cold tub. It's easy to inflate. The quality is very good


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