Product introduction

Drop Stitch Material More Insulated & Durable;

Our recovery baths will help to reduce inflammation, reduce the onset of muscle soreness, deliver higher quality sleep, increase resistance and speed up recovery;

Made for Ice Bathers: This ice bath bucket provides athletes, ice bathers and ice bathers with the powerful benefits of cryotherapy.

ice tub


Ice bath pod

Product parameters

  • Specifications: 130*70*65cm/150*70*65cm/170*70*65cm/customized size

  • Color:gray/black/customized color

Benefits of an ice bath:

We've heard from many experts about how cold exposure can improve your health and the benefits of ice baths in particular. 

Reduces stress: "Studies have found that the cold temperatures during an ice bath can stimulate your vagus nerve1, 

Aids in muscle recovery: "Ice baths can change the way fluids like blood and lymph flow through your body," says Horack. 

Improves sleep: Ice baths have also been linked to higher-quality sleep.

Supports mood: "Ice baths also trigger the release of dopamine, a hormone that elicits feelings of pleasure," states Horack.

Additional benefits: Horack explains that there are additional potential benefits of ice baths currently being studied.

User Evaluation

  • robert

    portable cold pluneg tub greatly for recovery

  • July

    Really perfect ice plunge tub!!


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