Product introduction

Ice baths can be a therapeutic process that revitalizes and strengthens muscle cells and mends tissue damage. It is thus gaining popularity as a post-workout ritual for athletes from various fields. They swear by the positive effect of cold-water immersion that helps speed up their body’s recovery after an intense drill or any competition. However, this controversial method involves the risk of hypothermia that can result in shock or even the possibility of sudden death. As a part of hydrotherapy, ice-cold shower therapies have been a time-honored tradition for many centuries.

The concept of taking an ice bath after a hard-core training session can ensure fast recovery from injury in the world of sports. Coldwater immersion is a type of cryotherapy that freezes and removes abnormal tissues by exposing your body to cold temperature but not literally to the point of freezing. Apart from being followed by elite and amateur athletes, this cold therapy is widely used in spas and sports medicine clinics and at home to enjoy its benefits.


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