Product introduction

Ice baths, also known as cold plunges, have been found to be the best way to positively impact mental health by promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and improving mood. The convenience of inflatable ice bath tubs allows for easy access to these benefits wherever you are.

Inflatable cold plunge

Inflatable ice bath

Material Construction

Drop stitch fabric construction is what allows an inflatable tub to maintain it's shape when it is inflated to high pressure. 

Without drop-stitch,the tub would bulge out in the middle like an over-inflated air ring for swimming. Using thousands of tough polyester threads,drop stitch fabric make the surface of inflatable product flat and tough. our drop stitch fabric tub are made from the high quality drop-stitch materials in the industry. Sidewalls use two PVC layers specifically manufactured for superior air holding. Unlike typical PVC tarpaulin, the specialized sidewall material features internal fibers coated in liquid PVC before incorporation with the outer PVC layer,making the layers more durable and resilient than ever before.


Top 6 Cold Plunge Benefits

A Cold Plunge Facilitates a Healthy Inflammatory Response

★Cold Plunges Support Your Immune System

★Cold Plunges Speed up Exercise Recovery

★Cold Plunge Benefits Blood Circulation

★Cold Plunges Promote Detoxification

★A Cold Plunge Benefits Brain Health

How to Take an Ice Bath

1. Fill the tub to your thighs, then dump in about a pound of ice. 

2. Use a little bit of ice and slowly add more, increasing the ice level as your tolerance builds.

3. Try to stay in the ice bath for as long as you can, but do not exceed 15 minutes.

4. Wear warm clothing on the top part of your body to keep the exposed areas of yourself warm. 

5. Avoid taking a shower right after an ice bath.

6. If after several minutes you cannot seem to get warm on your own, take a warm shower to raise your internal body temperature.

Ice Bath Benefits The Real Deal or Just Hype

Product parameters

Product nameInflatable ice tub
PVC dropstitch
Size190*80*65 cm
10 cm
Customized shape and dimension, customized screen printing, UV printing , material colour
Standard accessoriesHigh pressure air pump , Repair kit, Storage Bag

User Evaluation

  • Hearty Hibiscus

    Love the healthy habit of cold plunges and this ice bath tub is great!


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