Product introduction

Advantage of the blower

* 【Blower design】The blower is made of metal impeller and high-quality plastic,which is light and portable, and the blower uses a special built-in bearing to make the engine run more smoothly.
* 【Safety design】The blower switch is protected by a rubber transparent cover and can be operated even if it is wet.The air outlet and air inlet are covered with metal mesh to prevent your hands injured from being inhaled and foreign objects from damaging the machine.
* 【Application】Blower can be widely used in inflatable tents, inflatable movie screens,inflatable castles,inflatable bounce houses,etc.
* 【Portable, easy to store】 Lightweight, compact and handle design allows you to easily move to any place and store.
* 【High quality】Under normal use,it can work for a long time.


Voltage: suitable for 110V 220V voltage

Power cord: 2M, can be matched with special plugs for various countries

Material: high quality flame retardant corrosion resistant PE engineering plastic, waterproof, durable, no rust, low noise, metal wind wheel

Custom: can be customized different color and printing logo

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Product parameters


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