Product introduction

cold plunge, otherwise known as cold water immersion, is literally when you immerse yourself in extremely cold water. Some athletes do this with the intention of improving their recovery after a hard workout.cold plunge benefits include relieving muscle soreness, aiding with recovery after workouts, reducing inflammation and boosting immunity. 

Recovery Pod

Portable ice bath

Cold plunge tub

Cold bath tub

Product parameters

Specifications: 130*70*65cm/150*70*65cm/170*70*65cm/customized size

Color:gray/black/customized color

Benefits of an ice bath:

We've heard from many experts about how cold exposure can improve your health and the benefits of ice baths in particular. 

Reduces stress: "Studies have found that the cold temperatures during an ice bath can stimulate your vagus nerve, 

Aids in muscle recovery: "Ice baths can change the way fluids like blood and lymph flow through your body," says Horack. 

Improves sleep: Ice baths have also been linked to higher-quality sleep.

Supports mood: "Ice baths also trigger the release of dopamine, a hormone that elicits feelings of pleasure," states Horack.

Additional benefits: Horack explains that there are additional potential benefits of ice baths currently being studied.

User Evaluation

  • Hearty Hibiscus

    Love the healthy habit of cold plunges and this inflatable pod is great!

  • Taylor

    I love this cold tub. It's easy to inflate. The quality is very good

  • Robert

    Portable ice bath tub greatly for recovery

  • jack

    Perfect for post-workout recovery!


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